House Hunters Drinking Game

My fiance and I love HGTV’s House Hunters. Even though we know the secret behind the production of House Hunters, we love to turn our brains off and see how couples try to reconcile their image of the dream house with their budget. However, each episode has several eye-roll moments; basically, we hear the same things said over and over again. Despite that, I’m not ready to give up on House Hunters, so instead, let us celebrate its predictability through the art of alcoholic consumption. 

When Watching House Hunters, Take a Shot Every Time…

  • A buyer says the word “entertain.”
  • The phrase “man cave” is spoken.
  • There is a joke made about how the woman needs a large closet.
  • The real estate agent reminds the couple that they could easily repaint over that awful color.
  • The buyer says the phrase “open concept” or “granite counter tops.”
  • The real estate agent complains straight to the camera about the buyers’ unrealistic expectations.
  • The buyers have a ridiculous demand directly related to their pet and/or in-laws.

And if you really want to get drunk, take a double-shot every time the buyers buy their top choice property. 

Disclaimer: Do not attempt this game during a House Hunters marathon (unless you have a liver of steel).

HGTV fanatics, what would you add to this drinking game?

House Hunters Drinking Game

2 thoughts on “House Hunters Drinking Game

  1. Karen says:

    Take a shot everything they buy a house over budget.
    Take a shot every time the wife’s choice is the house they buy.

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